Manual Therapy training begins…

Over the weekend of 12th & 13th of January 2019, I have been in the beautiful London Regent’s University building, set in the idillic surroundings of Regent’s Park, undergoing my ‘Introduction to Massage’ with the ‘London School of Sports and Remedial Massage’ (LSSM).

It was a wonderful weekend, with a lot of information and techniques being thrown at me, to get me understanding the basics of feeling with the hands, into the various tissues of the body.

What some people might imagine could be quite a simplistic idea; definitely ignorant of the reality.

To truly feel the state, texture and needs of these soft tissues is no easy task, needing patience and connecting to the receptive ability of the hands.

The team at LSSM have been fantastically helpful, offering very experienced and skilled insight into developing these skills; but above all the power is entirely ‘in my hands’….eurgh terrible pun!

Following 2 days of intensive explorations and practical sessions, I feel well equipped to begin the journey into the world of ‘Soft Tissue Therapy’, thrilled to be met with a new challenge to face.

Upon arrival home, gifting my wife with a 1 hour full body massage, I have already enrolled onto my BTEC Level 5 Diploma course, beginning in April 2019. By this time 2020, I will moving toward my final exams, to be then a fully qualified therapist, bursting at the seams with drive, intrigue, knowledge and hopefully skill to bring to all those in need of some specialised work.

Here’s to the future!

If anyone else is interested in exploring training in manual therapy…here is a link to LSSM’s site….I highly recommend!