Week 1 at the ‘Sunshine Massage School’ | Chiang Mai (Thailand)

So, following a hefty yet wonderful week of diving deep into the practices of Traditional Thai Yoga massage, my mind is truly blown!

“Sunshine Massage School” in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Our very experienced tutors, Tiwa and Sicha, have been incredibly caring, detailed and supportive with each of the students on the course, giving lots of very specific pointers and adjustments, really helping us to understand and feel the practice of ‘Traditional Thai Yoga Massage’.

We have just completed our first week of the course, with a lot of ground covered, with week two beginning on Monday.

I’m extremely excited to push on further with the massage practice, to further develop the skills that we are working on; bring on Monday!

The massage skills that we have been working on will be of such benefit to many many people, back home, and I really can’t wait to begin to deliver Thai massage practice to people.

Inside the classroom at ‘Sunshine Massage School’ | Thai massage is delivered on a mattress, with supportive pillows and blankets

Upon our return to the UK/Netherlands in March, I will be sure to post more about how to book a session with me, be that a 1hr, 1.5hr or 2hr session. If you already have some burning questions, or you’re curious to know more, please do drop me a message through the contact page.