Yogi beginnings in Rotterdam…

It’s Sunday morning, a bit of cold one, here in Rotterdam. The floor shines with a thin layer of rain water, filling me with apprehension as I head towards Vroesenpark, in the Blijdorp area of Rotterdam. This morning I will join in with a Ashtanga/ Vinyasa class in the park, led by the Yogi-entrepreneur Malou (LouZen Yoga).

It will be wonderful to see how Yoga is going, with the Rotterdam communities, and how and what a fellow teacher is sharing the practices of Yoga with them.


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What a wonderful experience, here in a slightly chilly, yet busy public park space, in the heart of one of Rotterdams up-and-coming districts. Malou leads a fun and engaging practice, embracing the cold and the atmosphere of the space and the group, bringing it into a wonderful and authentic (in my own understanding of Yoga) experience of really connecting with the body and the community.

It was a wonderfully welcoming group, I didn’t once feel like an alien, even though my Dutch is really not yet up to par to talk much; but this didn’t matter.

I am most thrilled as I have now been invited by Malou to lead come Hatha you classes, in the park on Thursday evenings, beginning in a few weeks. It will be my first Yoga class to be taught in the Netherlands, outside of my own personal practice and family and I’m really thrilled to be beginning my journey and building my practice here in the Netherlands.

Details about the upcoming yoga classes will be posted on the site, but also through my social media channels (insta | @anthony_thebodyengineer , twitter | @thebodyenginee1)