Re-Opening the Clinic

From the 11th of May 2020, I am very happy to be able to open my clinic doors and resume my Soft Tissue Therapy & Massage treatments.

I will also be launching my NEW ‘Yoga Clinic’; a personal Yoga consultation service. This will be for those beginning of continuing a regular practice, but would like more specific postures or modifications to postures, enabling them to work deeper or make poses more accessible to their own anatomy.

Whilst this excitement is refreshing for me, I must also stay focused on the priority, ensuring SAFE & HYGIENIC practice; particularly in these challenging times.

Please feel assured, every aspect of my treatments, general running of my clinical space, takes into account the measurements from the Government & RIVM.

– All towels will be completely fresh and unused (as usual)

– Floors Will be regularly cleaned

– I will change clothing between each client

– Handles of Doors will be cleaned, between clients

– Antibacterial hand gels will be used regularly, ensuring protection

– Masks are available, where applicable (close proximity to neck & head

So please do rest assured and I hope to see you in a session for treatment soon.

Best wishes and good health to you all,

Anthony Middleton (theBodyEngineer)