Making the most of lockdown…

These unusual times have, I’m certain, challenged us in ways we never thought imaginable. However I find myself, this evening, contemplating the many things that lockdown has offered me.

The most prominent recognition, it the opportunity to continue exploring and studying the body, in all its wonderment. Reading interesting research and guidance from great folks-of-knowledge; from people of today, such a Tom Myers (@anatomytrains) and Stuart McGill (@backfitpro), to the wonderful illustrious writing and drawing from Leonardo Da Vinci.

One thing for sure, the body fascinates me. Long may this continue!

I was asked by colleagues, noting @balanzs in particular here, to give any advice for their Yogi’s, all longing to come back to the studio and practice.

So, upon reflection, my advice is to use this gift of time to cultivate all those aspects of life that fascinates you, that puzzle you, that intrigue you; and pour your attention into them!

Quoting here from Dante Alighieri (from ‘Inferno’)…

“Put off this sloth,” the master said, “for shame!

Sitting on feather-pillow, lying reclined

Beneath the blanket is no way to fame—

Fame, without which man’s life wastes out of mind,

Leaving on Earth no more memorial

Than form in water or smoke upon the wind.”

Dante Alighieri (‘Inferno’)

Of course take the time to rest; but where you can, pick yourself up and get exploring!

The beautiful complexity of anatomy | Inspired by Da Vinci
inspired by the anatomical sketches of ‘Leonardo Da Vinci’