The Importance of Tension

Tension is an essential aspect of our anatomy. Here is a contemplation on this wonderful tool for both #massage as well as #yoga practices.

Spinal Spirals // Yoga Inspiration

This week in my Yoga classes, I have been particularly drawn to explore the spiralling actions in the spine. When thinking about twisting actions in the spine, we might think initially about mobility, perhaps even to think about the question ‘how can I loosen my spine to create more ability for twist?’ This however wasContinue reading “Spinal Spirals // Yoga Inspiration”

GIFT VOUCHER // Massage & Soft Tissue Therapy

Are you looking for an ideal gift for a friend or family member? How does a 60minute Massage or Soft Tissue Therapy session with ‘the Body Engineer’ sound…? ‘the Body Engineer’ now offer ‘Gift Vouchers’ for 60minute treatments, where your friend or family member can choose from either a ‘Soft Tissue Therapy’ session, or aContinue reading “GIFT VOUCHER // Massage & Soft Tissue Therapy”

Postural Yoga | A quest for feeling

Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Vinyasa, Iyengar Yoga, Power Yoga, Yin Yoga; whatever your choice of style is, I’m sure we’d agree that we could also refer to these as ‘Postural Yoga practices’. To work with a study of posture, raises the question; how do we assess posture in our body? A common tendency, in a YogaContinue reading “Postural Yoga | A quest for feeling”

Making the most of lockdown…

These unusual times have, I’m certain, challenged us in ways we never thought imaginable. However I find myself, this evening, contemplating the many things that lockdown has offered me. The most prominent recognition, it the opportunity to continue exploring and studying the body, in all its wonderment. Reading interesting research and guidance from great folks-of-knowledge;Continue reading “Making the most of lockdown…”

ONLINE BOOKING for Massage & Soft Tissue Therapy in Rotterdam

It is now possible to book your visit to ‘the Body Engineer’ via the website: Simply follow the link, follow the easy-to-use booking form to see the available dates and times, simply click and then complete your details and ‘HEY-PRESTO!’ BOOKINGS ARE AVAILABLE FOR: Soft Tissue Therapy treatments (60 & 30 mins treatments available)Continue reading “ONLINE BOOKING for Massage & Soft Tissue Therapy in Rotterdam”

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