Welcome to the Body Engineer’s NEW HOME!

Over the last few weeks, preparations have been made for ‘the Body Engineer’ to move to a new home! And now its happened!!! Now located inside ‘Yogaground’ on Weena-Zuid 148, in the centre of Rotterdam, ‘the Body Engineer’ is now really at the heart of the city. Close to Rotterdam Centraal Station, the hustle andContinue reading “Welcome to the Body Engineer’s NEW HOME!”

NEW LOCATION! ‘the Body Engineer’ is relocating….

A new month draws closer and with it…change! As of the 1st of August 2020, ‘the Body Engineer’ will be moving all Soft Tissue Therapy & Massage treatments (also including ‘the Yoga Clinic‘) to a new location, on Weena-Zuid. A short distance away from our previous home inside ‘Balanzs’ Yoga studio, this new location bringsContinue reading “NEW LOCATION! ‘the Body Engineer’ is relocating….”

COMPLETED COURSE | with Bernie Clarke & Dr. Stuart McGill…

Just a brief post to celebrate the completion of the ‘Your Spine Your Yoga’ course with Bernie Clarke, leading teacher & writer for ‘YinYoga.com’, and Dr. Stuart McGill PhD, author of ‘the Back Mechanic’ and highly-regarded spinal specialist. It has been a truly wonderful learning experience, provided by ‘Yoga International’, with lots of highly valuableContinue reading “COMPLETED COURSE | with Bernie Clarke & Dr. Stuart McGill…”

Getting to know the Spine…

a brief post, made during the final few sessions of a highly inspiring online Yoga training course; all about spinal health.

Yoga teachers Inner Sanctum…

Welcome to my special place, where all my class planning and thinking come together. Planning practices is actually one of the most challenging aspects of Yoga teaching, for me. Ensuring that the details of ‘how’ I structure a practice, what’s the goals and benefits of the approach, what’s the concept of the practice? These areContinue reading “Yoga teachers Inner Sanctum…”

The Importance of Tension

Tension is an essential aspect of our anatomy. Here is a contemplation on this wonderful tool for both #massage as well as #yoga practices.

Spinal Spirals // Yoga Inspiration

This week in my Yoga classes, I have been particularly drawn to explore the spiralling actions in the spine. When thinking about twisting actions in the spine, we might think initially about mobility, perhaps even to think about the question ‘how can I loosen my spine to create more ability for twist?’ This however wasContinue reading “Spinal Spirals // Yoga Inspiration”

GIFT VOUCHER // Massage & Soft Tissue Therapy

Are you looking for an ideal gift for a friend or family member? How does a 60minute Massage or Soft Tissue Therapy session with ‘the Body Engineer’ sound…? ‘the Body Engineer’ now offer ‘Gift Vouchers’ for 60minute treatments, where your friend or family member can choose from either a ‘Soft Tissue Therapy’ session, or aContinue reading “GIFT VOUCHER // Massage & Soft Tissue Therapy”

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