Thai massage training completed!

Certification of completing 90hrs of training in ‘Traditional Thai Yoga Massage’

It is a wonderful feeling to have successfully graduated from the ‘Sunshine Massage School’ in Chiang Mai, Thailand; having completed 90hrs of training in ‘Traditional Thai Massage’.

It’s safe to say that a whole world of physiological and healing approaches, even within this one form, has been partially unveiled to me, with lots more to be learnt. However I am now both excited and confident that I can offer a great experience to clients, out there, who might benefit from this great therapeutic practice.

Following the guidance of the wonderful teachers at the school, the next part of the training is practice; working with peoples bodies to build on my touch, to really develop my skills. Only through the interaction with clients, their various specific needs, will I truly learn about the potential of Bodywork.

This experience has been such a joy, with a team of tutors and fellow students, with great friendships and colleagues being formed; the future looks exciting.

Upon our return to the Netherlands and the UK, I look forward to connecting with various businesses, studios, salons and centres that might enjoy me delivering my own practice, gradually building awareness to clients.

If you’re interested in receiving a Thai massage treatment, please do drop me a message through the contact page, message on instagram (@anthony_thebodyengineer) or via email at

Week 1 at the ‘Sunshine Massage School’ | Chiang Mai (Thailand)

So, following a hefty yet wonderful week of diving deep into the practices of Traditional Thai Yoga massage, my mind is truly blown!

“Sunshine Massage School” in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Our very experienced tutors, Tiwa and Sicha, have been incredibly caring, detailed and supportive with each of the students on the course, giving lots of very specific pointers and adjustments, really helping us to understand and feel the practice of ‘Traditional Thai Yoga Massage’.

We have just completed our first week of the course, with a lot of ground covered, with week two beginning on Monday.

I’m extremely excited to push on further with the massage practice, to further develop the skills that we are working on; bring on Monday!

The massage skills that we have been working on will be of such benefit to many many people, back home, and I really can’t wait to begin to deliver Thai massage practice to people.

Inside the classroom at ‘Sunshine Massage School’ | Thai massage is delivered on a mattress, with supportive pillows and blankets

Upon our return to the UK/Netherlands in March, I will be sure to post more about how to book a session with me, be that a 1hr, 1.5hr or 2hr session. If you already have some burning questions, or you’re curious to know more, please do drop me a message through the contact page.

Thailand begins…

Currently sat in the departure lounge at Heathrow Terminal 2, in advance of our venture to Thailand to both enjoy the wonders of this far-eastern wonder; but to also learn the art of Thai Yoga Massage.

I’ve long been interested in learning these skills and I’m very excited to return from these travels, qualified and ready to offer that knowledge and experience to clients in the Netherlands and the UK.

Keep an eye out for future posts, to capture the development through this experience, and be ready to book in a session upon our return!!

Manual Therapy training begins…

Over the weekend of 12th & 13th of January 2019, I have been in the beautiful London Regent’s University building, set in the idillic surroundings of Regent’s Park, undergoing my ‘Introduction to Massage’ with the ‘London School of Sports and Remedial Massage’ (LSSM).

It was a wonderful weekend, with a lot of information and techniques being thrown at me, to get me understanding the basics of feeling with the hands, into the various tissues of the body.

What some people might imagine could be quite a simplistic idea; definitely ignorant of the reality.

To truly feel the state, texture and needs of these soft tissues is no easy task, needing patience and connecting to the receptive ability of the hands.

The team at LSSM have been fantastically helpful, offering very experienced and skilled insight into developing these skills; but above all the power is entirely ‘in my hands’….eurgh terrible pun!

Following 2 days of intensive explorations and practical sessions, I feel well equipped to begin the journey into the world of ‘Soft Tissue Therapy’, thrilled to be met with a new challenge to face.

Upon arrival home, gifting my wife with a 1 hour full body massage, I have already enrolled onto my BTEC Level 5 Diploma course, beginning in April 2019. By this time 2020, I will moving toward my final exams, to be then a fully qualified therapist, bursting at the seams with drive, intrigue, knowledge and hopefully skill to bring to all those in need of some specialised work.

Here’s to the future!

If anyone else is interested in exploring training in manual therapy…here is a link to LSSM’s site….I highly recommend!

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