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‘Body Engineering’ is the ongoing mission of Anthony Middleton (the Body Engineer), offering tutorials, workshops, online-learning sessions; to aid in the continued development and advancement of ‘Kinaesthetic Literacy’.

Designed for Yoga practitioners & teachers, Movement therapists & Manual therapists; as professional development, but also general inquisitiveness.

Below there are links to:

  • ‘Tutorials’ | short video sessions, exploring specific aspects of movement practices, yoga postures and manual techniques.
  • ‘Basic Body Engineering’ | a 5-part series, combining Anatomy & Yoga/movement practices. Each episode has a 10minute anatomy tutorial, followed by a 45minute physical practice.
  • ‘Advanced Body Engineering’ | Designed for teachers and therapists, to gain a more in-depth understanding of how the unique body can dictate and affect our existing practices. Great for understanding modifications for specific anatomical situations.
Prevent pain in downward facing dog
Preventing pain in the shoulders, by wrapping the scapula around the ribs.


FREE Short video tutorials, exploring aspects of physical practices and hands-on manual techniques.

Offering pain-free assists
Get to know your body

Basic Body Engineering

AIM | Getting to know your body

This is a 5-part series, combining knowledge of Anatomy, Biomechanics & Physical Practices (particularly postural Yoga practices).

Each episode features a 10min Anatomy presentation, followed by a 45minute physical practice.

Prevent pain in your practice
Understanding the Unique body

Advanced Body Engineering

AIM | Meeting the Unique body

This 6-part series provides a more in-depth exploration of our body’s mechanics; to greater understand how a persons unique body requires unique approaches to physical practice.

A great further education for Yoga teachers, Movement instructors and Personal trainers.

Your unique body demands unique practices.

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