Soft Tissue Therapy

 Soft Tissue Therapy combines various remedial practices and manual therapy techniques, to aid in recovery, improve tone of tissue and address postural issues, in the Soft Tissues of the body (eg. Muscles, tendons, ligaments and connective/fascial tissue).

Formerly a professional dancer and International Acrobat, Anthony is particularly interested in treating dancers, circus performers, athletes and those involved in Sport/Fitness industries, to support and sustain their careers and development; be that general maintenance of fitness or recovery from injury.

Soft Tissue Therapy is also a highly effective treatment for all people who experience:

  • Back pain (eg. Sciatic symptoms, restricted movement)
  • Muscle fatigue
  • Stress relief
  • Management of symptoms due to developing conditions (eg. arthritis)
  • Recovery from surgery
  • Recovery from injury
  • Improving general function of the Musculoskeletal system
  • Improving mobility in the joints
  • Assisting improvement of posture



TreatmentCost (incl. BTW)
60 mins – Soft Tissue Therapy
– incl. consultation and possible remedial exercises
30 mins – Soft Tissue Therapy
– for those on treatment plans
Emergency call outs treatment€90
– 10% Discount on first time visits

CLOTHING | Please arrive to your treatment with loose fitting clothing, or sports clothing, as some treatment can be delivered through clothing. When working directly onto skin, with general massage techniques, towels are used for modesty, however we ask that you wear appropriate underwear (incl. easy to unfasten and fasten bra).

PLEASE NOTE | If the therapist suspects the issue is beyond the remit or skills of Soft Tissue Therapy, we reserve the right to refer the client to a medical professional or to advise other courses of action for remedy. If the session is terminated after the assessment, no charge will be given to the client.



Terms &Conditions

for all who book ‘Soft Tissue Massage’ treatments:

  • Appropriate clothing must be worn upon arrival : Comfortable clothing for any postural assessment, along with appropriate underwear for the treatment (a comfortable bra and underpants/briefs or even shorts, if this more comfortable). Towels will be used throughout the massage to ensure modesty and warmth throughout the treatment.
  • If there is any inappropriate behaviour, language or misconduct occurs, I reserve the right to refuse to treat in these circumstances (refunds will be granted in circumstances where there is no fault caused by the client, I will always try to enact to honour this right).
  • Please arrive on-time for your treatment time, or be available to assist with entering premises, if the client is accommodating treatment (home or workplace visits).
  • CANCELLATIONS must be made 12hrs before your treatment; late cancelation will result in you still being charged for the session.
  • Refunds will not be granted if these conditions are not met.