Welcome to the Body Engineer’s NEW HOME!

Over the last few weeks, preparations have been made for ‘the Body Engineer’ to move to a new home! And now its happened!!! Now located inside ‘Yogaground’ on Weena-Zuid 148, in the centre of Rotterdam, ‘the Body Engineer’ is now really at the heart of the city. Close to Rotterdam Centraal Station, the hustle andContinue reading “Welcome to the Body Engineer’s NEW HOME!”

Getting to know the Spine…

a brief post, made during the final few sessions of a highly inspiring online Yoga training course; all about spinal health.

Yoga teachers Inner Sanctum…

Welcome to my special place, where all my class planning and thinking come together. Planning practices is actually one of the most challenging aspects of Yoga teaching, for me. Ensuring that the details of ‘how’ I structure a practice, what’s the goals and benefits of the approach, what’s the concept of the practice? These areContinue reading “Yoga teachers Inner Sanctum…”

The Importance of Tension

Tension is an essential aspect of our anatomy. Here is a contemplation on this wonderful tool for both #massage as well as #yoga practices.

ONLINE BOOKING for Massage & Soft Tissue Therapy in Rotterdam

It is now possible to book your visit to ‘the Body Engineer’ via the website: http://www.thebodyengineer.nl Simply follow the link, follow the easy-to-use booking form to see the available dates and times, simply click and then complete your details and ‘HEY-PRESTO!’ BOOKINGS ARE AVAILABLE FOR: Soft Tissue Therapy treatments (60 & 30 mins treatments available)Continue reading “ONLINE BOOKING for Massage & Soft Tissue Therapy in Rotterdam”

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