‘Body Engineering’

Private Movement / Posture Consultation

Gain a better understanding of your unique body, its limitations and improve your biomechanics functioning, without pain or injury

What is a ‘Body Engineering’ session?

‘Body Engineering’ is my new initiative, from theBodyEngineer, to offer a personalised consultation to help people better understand their functioning anatomy. In doing so, we can work together to escape postures, movements and functions that often trigger or cause pain.

These sessions combine postural assessment, practical activity (exploring the movements that cause pain) and then forming strategies to avoid pain triggers and improve resilience to pain. Where beneficial, hands-on manual treatment techniques may also be applied to aid in this process.

“Every individual person, has a unique body, formed by our inherited anatomy, our habits and our environments. Your unique body will require nuanced, specific methods and strategies to avoid pain and improve performance. This can be difficult in group exercises classes, or via online trainings.”

This led me to set up a 1-to-1 consultation service, where a client can discuss their own unique issues with specific movements, functions or postures and even to address general everyday postural issues.

BOOK your session, and find out more about your own unique body.

My Background |

As a former Acrobat, Professional dancer and now working as a Soft Tissue therapist and Yoga teacher, I have extensive understanding of biomechanics in movement and an ability to read the postural patterns in the body of clients. I combine these many different aspects of bodywork, to form coherent, safe and effective methods to then inform and guide clients, responding to their unique needs.


Clients can attend a single session, or purchase a 2x Session card, where the client can return within 3months, to reassess and make alterations to any progressive training.

1x Session (1hr) | €55

2x Sessions (1hr) | €100

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