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What is a Yoga practice?

A Yoga practice can provide a multi-sensory method to gain insight into our physicality, whilst also providing a form of postural treatment for our functioning body. It can also provide our thinking mind with both focused stimulation or the freedom of space, for those searching to achieve a broader sense of balance and wellbeing, beyond the body alone.

Interested in Group Yoga Classes?

Private Yoga Consultation

Better understand your unique body, its limitations and improve without injuryWhat is a Yoga practice?

‘theYogaClinic’ is a new initiative, from theBodyEngineer, to offer a personalised consultation to beginners to Yoga, through to experienced practitioners, to support you in your Yoga practice.

The session may combine Postural practice, remedial exercises to aid your practice and, where beneficial, hands-on manual treatment.

“Every individual person, has a unique body, formed by our inherited anatomy, our habits and our environments. These unique body will require nuanced and specific alterations to postures, as experienced in a group Yoga session, or perhaps require a more personalised prescription of postures, to tackle existing postural habits and issues.

I have often found myself, as a Yoga teacher, offering my own designed sequencing, following my weekly theme or predetermined sequence, as found in some classes, faced by various attenders to the class, each with their own unique circumstances. Sometimes theres injuries, ‘weird tweaks’, chronic tightness, even sometimes simply a nervous disposition; each one will require specific cues, postures and attention. This can rarely be achieved in a group Yoga class.

This led me to set up a consultation service, where a client can discuss their own unique issues with specific Yoga postures, talk about their general posture issues, their aches and pains, particular areas of tightness. Following consultation, I can offer advice, give hands on assists to discover triggers and modifications to poses, that they can then take with them to their group classes.

When working on someones specific postural issues, I may prescribe particular postures, practices and even draw up a postural plan for clients, that will aim progressively affect these issues, making the body more accessible to then join the more dynamic or complex group practices.

My Background |

As a former Acrobat, Professional dancer and now working as a Soft Tissue therapist and Yoga teacher, I have extensive understanding of biomechanics in movement and an ability to read the postural patterns in the body of clients. I combine these many different aspects of bodywork, to form coherent, safe and effective methods to then inform and guide clients, responding to their unique needs.


Clients can attend a single session, or purchase a 2x Session card, where the client can return within 3months, to reassess and make alterations to any progressive training.

1x Session (1hr) | €55

2x Sessions (1hr) | €100

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